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Andrea is a dynamic speaker who speaks from the heart and a place of authenticity. She deftly packages passion, inspiration and solid growth strategies to engage and motivate any audience. Whether you are looking to energize and build a winning team or to help your leaders create more influence Andrea is your go to gal!

Complete the form and Andrea will be happy to contact you to schedule a pre-booking interview.

Create Your Lane also offers to Executives and Entrepreneurs effective Career, Leadership and Personal Development training.

Andrea sees each  event as an opportunity to partner with individuals and/or their organizations for mutually beneficial long-term relationships. The "Power of Potential" principle will be pivotal for your team as they begin to understand the value of Creating their Own Path to Success.

"Let me craft a message for your special event based on your need. We will spend time in a pre booking interview to ensure your keynote will not just be informational but transformational. Your audience will not just receive information, they will leave excited to implement what they learn". Andrea Groce

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With Intentional Steps Success Knows No Limits

You Can Show Up Potent in Every Area Of Your Life..... Strong, Formidable, Influential - Actively Producing Results; True “Potent-ial”


Entrepreneurship is an extremely gutsy endeavor, that requires substantial commitments of time and other resources. To get a business off the ground presents its own challenges and then there is the delicate balancing act of keeping the business successful.

Do you really know how to calculate

Our confidence in self and our ability to realize our dreams and aspirations is a real reflection on the value we place on ourselves.

I don't know what to do

Sounds like a fairly innocent statement right? At worst a cry for help. If we think about it though, those thoughts or utterances are usually coupled with feelings of confusion and or overwhelm.

Help Wanted

The "WORLD" a rapidly growing community organization is urgently in need of men and women of all ages, race and origin to be full time "conduits of hope".