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Andrea’s confidence and positive outlook brings calm and security to those who are struggling with how to pursue their purpose in life. I had done it all and was at a road block, I literally had no idea what would be my next move.  I did the “Power of Potential” Survey and that read me like a book. With that out the way, she was able to coach me on how to identify my purpose and then match that with my capabilities.

As a result of working with Andrea, I am now looking at a bright future. I have made both personal and career decisions that have brought me success and fulfillment  I am on my way to where I want to be. I look forward to climbing the corporate ladder and  enjoying my lane. Thanks Andrea!!!!!

 Leslie Martinez

Puerto Rico

Andrea strives for the best and nothing less. She has impacted my life in a profound way and I am better personally and professionally, for having worked with her. Thanks Andrea for helping me to understand the "POP" - Power of Potential. You are a true gem.  Lol.

Lori Ann Banks

I met Andrea about 18 years ago at a critical point in my life, the details I will spare you. Though I couldn't see it then, she was clear, there was a bigger plan for my life. It wasn't very long before I started tripping up and making some bad decisions. She finally sat me down and spoke to me like someone who really cared about my life and the direction I was heading. The thing that impressed me the most  was her ability to really connect with me. She understood, and related to me in a manner I didn't expect from an adult at that time. She helped me to identify I have been holding myself back due to a lot of anger  I had inside of me. This helped me to change my whole thought process and my approach to many things in life.

here is so much that I can say, but this is definitely not the forum and I don't think there is enough space here to fully express her   impact on my life over these years. Andrea's constant positive advice and her unique, coaching and counseling have been a God send. I have made so many great decisions to this day because of her abilities to use her own experiences and life lessons to guide and give advice for my life and so many others, I know of.

As a result of working with Andrea, I now view life through different lens.  From a positive, forgiving and confident perspective instead of anger hurt and regrets, Thanks to her, even now I am able to make better decisions. Above all else and most important for me, I've always felt like I'm part of her family.

Miramar, Florida

In order to see life differently, you have to start thinking differently. Andrea is a master at teaching you how to challenge your limiting beliefs and hone in and identify your true potential. Her selfless support and commitment to accountability, then creates the perfect atmosphere for you to develop that potential.

Working with Andrea has not only helped me in the corporate world, but also in my personal life. Five star service and ALWAYS professional! Thank you Andrea for being a shining light, a friend, and one of the best coaches I've ever met!

 Will White

Arlington, Virginia


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