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What is the goal of your personal avatar?

If your avatar is meant to help people recognize you online only, the choice of image isn’t as important as the necessity to use the same image wherever you can. However, if your avatar is meant to help people recognize you on AND offline, you should use a portrait photo of yourself for the avatar image, and that’s the case I’ll focus on here.

If you take the time and thought to create the best avatar for your personal brand just once, you can multiply the benefits with every view your avatar gets online.


Recommendations for your  profile AVATAR

Photos must be no larger than 250KB. Profile images are square, and appear across the site in sizes of 24 x 24,  35 x 35, 40 x 40, 80 x80, 130 x 130, 200 x 200 and 400 x 400 on your Profile page.
Recommendation: 400 x 400 pixels

A handy tool for avatar-making is: mypictr

Still the easiest tool to create & resize your avatar image online.  With mypictr, upload a large avatar image and choose the destined website or social network. mypictr then suggests the default avatar size for the chosen website and lets you zoom and crop your uploaded image until you have a match. Once you click 'pictrit', you can download your image or email it to someone else.”

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Avatar is not required but recommended. The min dimension (400x400 pixels) - max file size 250KB (PNG, JPG, GIF)

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